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“Past. Present. Future; Visibility and hope in it all.“

2020 has been a challenging year to say the least. So much of this year has shifted
how we interact with loved ones, friends, family, and strangers worldwide. The
events of this year have shown us how broken and racist our country truly is.
Reforming systematic racism and oppression is huge task to undertake. It will take
years. And that work begins with us, in our households, and in our communities.
The theme and title that best fits this body of work for the Census Project is: Past,
Present, and Future; Visibility and hope in it all.” Each period is affected and
informed by the other. We are all living in these time periods simultaneously.

Perri Rhoden
2020 Census Project
Commissioned Artist

Seattle native, Perri Rhoden, is an Abstract Mixed Media Artist and Muralist. She is inspired by color, texture, and dramatic lighting found in nature and media. Her art is representative of her personal experiences, inspirational Black women, and her manifestations of feminine energy captured on canvas.

Currently she is emerging in the public art sector as a muralist. She has both permanent and temporary art installations in Ballard, Downtown Seattle, and the Central District. More information about these projects are detailed on her website. Perri Rhoden’s studio art has been on display at galleries and theaters res throughout the Greater Seattle Area. Locations such as The Group Health Foundation, 101 Gallery, Onyx Gallery, Vermillion, Theatre Schmeater, and Theatre Battery in Kent. As well as local businesses including Tougo Coffee, The Station Coffee Shop, and the Hillmancity Collaboratory.

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