Michael B. Maine

I use photography, video, and audio to work with people to find, develop, and share their stories. Everybody has a story, and I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to know that story, play an active role in it, and share both the process and product with the world. I feel most alive when working with people to bring out and share their authentic selves and stories. I feel personal evolution in each photograph we (”we” meaning the subject and I) make, interview we conduct, or stroll we take—as I find some piece of inspiration from them.

I’ve only recently discovered the artist within me. After spending several years working on marketing strategies, marketing plans, and financial models, I’ve found that the successful businesses are the ones who have a deeper understanding of purpose. Those organizations are the ones who find a way to persevere. They are the happiest, most sustainable, and the most profitable. Their communities welcome them and they welcome their communities, and work together to build products, services, and programs that benefit all involved and all affected. At this realization, I decided to apply what I’ve learned, and continue to learn, to my own life and the lives of others. My pieces are indicative of the curious nature with which I approach my projects. I typically begin with an issue, but use inquisition to allow the real stories emerge. Rather than me telling their story, I provide a platform for a person to tell their own. With this process, I hope to create pieces that are authentic, unique, and beautiful.

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