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Intimate Conversations: Aviona Rodriguez Brown

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Intimate Conversations with Dani Tirrell & guest Aviona Rodriguez Brown

Saturday, April 25, 2020


Aviona the Creatrix (she/they) is an afrolatinx curvaceous person who bends time and space itself to be involved in the theater. Aviona is a Seattle-based actor, director, model, teaching artist, stage manager, poet, producer, student and social justice leader. As a social justice leader, Aviona is working to begin a detention replacement program that teaches at risk children and adults art therapy. As a teaching artist, Aviona is developing a solo show of self-written poetry which depicts the intersectionality of being multiracial, accepting herself as queer, while dealing with mental illness and drug addiction. After the performance they offer a poetry writing workshop and the opportunity to share in an open mic setting.

Follow them on Instagram @smiling_avi AND @photofocus_avi

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