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Black August at CD Forum

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As part of CD Forum's celebration of Black August this year, we are participating in the Young, Black, and Giving Back Institute's day of giving, Give 8/28.

Black August is here and CD Forum is beyond thrilled to stand among so many excellent organizations that center Black art, Black people, Black communities, and Black stories. What is Black August? With roots that tie directly to Black activists who fought against our country’s racist prison system, Black August is a time that we not only reflect on the lives and contributions of the incredible freedom fighters that helped move us closer to a just society, but we can celebrate the incredible work that organizations and individuals are doing right now to continue their legacies.

At CD Forum we are passionate about uplifting Black artists across genres, identities, and generations. Supporting our organization helps create the infrastructure that artists need to thrive. Each season we work with dozens of artists to present engaging and dynamic programs like Showing Out, Kitchen Sessions, and our latest online series Intimate Conversations.

By making a gift you can ensure that:

• CD Forum is able to financially support our new Youth Curator position

• Artists are paid well

• CD Forum remains sustainable through the pandemic

• Seattle stays a vibrant and diverse arts community

CD Forum is proud to support an incredible roster of talented writers, dancers, filmmakers, and administrators that help to keep our city vibrant and our community healthy. Thank you so much for staying with us and for ensuring that Black Artists have a place to call home. We can't do it without you!


Commemorating Black August - A Creative Conversation Between Two Dope Queens

Join CD Forum Executive Director Sharon Nyree Williams and special guest Sage Crump on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 12:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EST on Instagram Live!

for an afternoon of great dialogue about the current state of affairs regarding Black arts in America, the recent civil uprisings, and how the swirling events of Black August should be on all of our radars.

Sage Crump (she/her) is a culture strategist and facilitator who expands and deepens the work of cultural workers and arts organizations in social justice organizing. Sage is a member of Complex Movements, an artist collective that supports visionary organizing. Sage is principal and co-founder with artist muthi reed of The Kinfolks Effect (TKE) Studios. TKE studios is an incubation space for multimedia interdisciplinary artwork that examines the movement of Blackness through time and space. Sage also holds the position of Chief Architect of Emergent Strategies Ideation institute. Her work incorporates complex sciences, emergent strategy, and creative practice to imagine the world we want to live in and build strategies and practices that will get us there.


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