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GiveBIG to the CD Forum Family on May 5 & 6

We are surrounded by wonderful family and beautiful friends. CD Forum is fortunate to be comprised of innovative creative people that, in the face of a major crisis, have gone above and beyond to figure out how can we still deliver on our mission. Our heart is in the people – The CD Forum Family, and this May 5th and 6th you can show your appreciation and support by choosing to GiveBIG and donate.

We have all been affected by Covid-19. It has halted us as nation and has filled us with uncertainty. a Why then should you care about supporting CD Forum? In times of great peril and the unknown we believe, deeply, that arts and culture are how we will come out on the other side of this.

Think of the many ways you have managed to cope during the pandemic. Did you binge your favorite show? Or maybe you put that one album on repeat and just melted into the floor praying for this to be over? Perhaps you found comfort in the word of that one writer you’ve been meaning to read. Either way, you’ve likely turned to some form of art or creativity to get yourself through this time. CD Forum is proud to support an incredible roster of talented writers, dancers, filmmakers, and administrators that help to keep our city vibrant and our community healthy. Will you consider making a contribution to our organization so that we can continue this good work?

We are grateful and honored to call the Pacific Northwest our home. If we are to get through this time, we hope that we can do it together.


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