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Intimate Conversations: Kiana Harris

Intimate Conversations with Dani Tirrell & guest Kiana Harris

Saturday, August 15, 2020


"Black love, is loving my body in the now and not the body 10 years ago Black love, is trusting my motherhood. Black love is continuing to see my black child as a kid, even though the world may not. Black love is, dismantling generational trauma Black love is creating a nurturing environment, for me and my mines. Black love is rest Black love is knowing my ancestors humanity, is not only from pain Black love is a form of resistance Black love is embracing my inner petty Black love is laughing at “Karen’s” as they envy my black radiance Black love is a revolutionary act Intimate Conversations happen on Instagram Live on CD Forum's Instagram, every Saturday at 3PM Pacific Time. About CD Forum: The CD Forum is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to present and produce Black cultural programs that encourage thought and debate for the greater Seattle area. Our vision is to inspire new thoughts and challenge assumptions about Black Culture."

A native of Anchorage, Alaska and now residing in Seattle, WA, Kiana created and debuted her first dance film entitled “DIVINE” part l and ll in summer of 2016, available on Vimeo. Her dance films were also featured in Langston Hughes African American Film Festival Risk/Reward Festival, SIFF 1 Reel Film Festival at Bumbershoot. AJE IJO Dance Film Series has screened at Artist of Color Expo & Symposium, Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival and On The Boards, to name a few. She has recently screened her work internationally in the UK, Uganda, and Canada. Her mission as a filmmaker, is to reclaim imagery in a non-exploitative representation from a black womxn's lens, and it be one of many tools to drive black liberation.


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