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Intimate Conversations: "Majinn" Mike O'Neal

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Intimate Conversations with Dani Tirrell & guest "Majinn" Mike O'Neal

Saturday, October 31, 2020


"Black Love looks like: Finding peace in yourself, knowing you don’t have to conform to fit a box someone else created of Black love or Blackness, loving all of yourself, self-acceptance, being ok with what makes you different from your partner(s), and Anything a Black person wants and needs it to look like."

“Majinn”Mike O'Neal (He/They). is a queer mixed Black movement artist and educator who utilizes their training in multiple dance forms to find and express their whole self. Majinn works to help guide people in becoming more confident and connected in their bodies, express themselves and be able to speak their voices through Black social dance forms. Majiinn is always aiming to learn and grow and to give back to and support the communities they come from in any way they can. You can find Majinn on Instagram @majinn_mike and Youtube:


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