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LOPsided - Brian J. Evans

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The newest iteration of Brian J. Evans’ LOPsided premiered on Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas’ online presenting platform, CD Forum TV on YouTube, on June 13, 2020.

“In many ways I don’t want to make art about the pain and trauma of being mixed in America, but the hope is that by sharing my perspective, which is made up of many, it will help to humanize us.”

- Brian J. Evans

The latest version of LOPsided is a series of 12 videos. Each video can be viewed on its own or all videos can be viewed together in any order as an evening-length digital work. (Click through to CD Forum's YouTube channel to view the video playlist.)

Support Brian and this work through Venmo @Brian-Evans-29.

Amid a pandemic and racialized social unrest: What is the purpose of this series? I hope this video provides some context.

LOPsided is an autobiographical work made up of original music, dance and theater, and photography focusing on Evans’ understanding of his own biases and working through translating the idea of Citizen Artistry to audiences viewing LOPsided. The work premiered as a live one-man show in Minneapolis, MN in 2018 as a part of The Right Here Showcase. The original performance of the work was a “Swan Song tribute” to the Twin Cities before he moved to Seattle to continue his academic education at University of Washington.

About Brian J. Evans

Brian J. Evans is a Citizen Artist, defined by the Aspen Institute Arts Program as:

Individuals who reimagine the traditional notions of art-making, and who contribute to society either through the transformative power of their artistic abilities, or through proactive social engagement with the arts in realms including education, community building, diplomacy and healthcare.

Mixing disciplines, mixing professions, and of mixed race, Brian J. Evans unpacks the “moments of suspension” that reside in the spaces between spaces. Convinced that connections exist between us all and it is the responsibility of the Arts to remind us to be holistically human, lest we forget. Courageous vulnerability and intentional equity keeps him aloft as he finds ways to give back and add to the communities, mentors, and ancestors who blazed trails and continue to do so! Evans is a recipient of a 2015 McKnight Dance Fellowship, administered by The Cowles Center and funded by The McKnight Foundation. A former decade long principal dancer and musical director for Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, Evans believes it is the responsibility of the Arts to rediscover existing connections within humanity. He is currently finishing his final year of the Dance MFA Graduate program at the University of Washington (UW) Seattle Campus and was awarded the Howard P. Dallas Endowed Fellowship for his service on the UW dance department’s newly founded diversity community and serves as a liaison on the Divisional Arts Diversity Committee. His next adventure includes a tenure-track professorship in the Theater and Dance department at Bates College in Lewiston, ME.


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