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The Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (CD Forum) is excited to partner with a new Marketing and Communications contractor.


This role is for a contracted, hourly position and would provide an opportunity for a dynamic, independent content specialist to flex their marketing skills as well as provide much needed internal and external communication. This individual will work in partnership with the Social Media Coordinator, Season Curator, Program Manager, and the Business Development Manager. We are seeking someone who is committed to anti-racist practices and is eager to use the arts and other creative avenues to build a just and liberated world.


CD Forum, founded in 1999 by Stephanie Ellis-Smith, provides a platform for provocative arts and ideas that foster awareness of and involvement in Black experiences. We envision a world where cultural experiences are valued. Our theory of change as an organization is firmly rooted in liberatory practices that center Black joy and not Black pain and a model that empowers artists to be the authors of the much needed change in our world.


Company Culture and Expectations

CD Forum prides itself on fostering an inclusive, safe work environment where people can be their authentic and true selves. We recognize the humanity in people and honor and uplift the identities and intersections of those who work for the company and who partner with us. To that end, whoever steps into this role will be someone who is comfortable with a non-traditional work environment and is willing to challenge the systemic norms in the best interest of the organization and the community we serve. While we are led by an Executive Director and do have dedicated staff, each member of the team is valued and expected to contribute to the health, growth, and sustainability of the organization. An ideal new partner will be flexible and willing to pivot as new opportunities come up and they will be comfortable with ambiguity as it presents itself in our work. Lastly, this will be a great position for someone that is excited about supporting Black artists and who is willing to learn about the breadth and depth of the Black experience, regardless of their own racial/ethnic identity. 


Desired Qualifications

An ideal candidate will have experience not only navigating various methods and channels of communication-email, social media, press releases, and websites to name a few, but it is a great benefit that the new Marketing and Communications contractor has experience managing marketing and communications needs for nonprofit organizations and/or for-profit businesses. This position will develop and execute strategic marketing and communications efforts for print, digital, email, social media, advertising, PR, and grassroots efforts. A comprehensive plan will aim to increase audience engagement and participation, drive event ticket sales, and elevate CD Forum’s brand recognition within the Seattle arts and cultural community. 


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Overall Marketing Strategy

    • Develop and oversee marketing timelines

    • Oversee the Social Media Coordinator

    • Work with Social Media Coordinator on development of broad social media strategy to grow CD Forum’s online audience

    • Tracking and analyzing audience size and engagement on CD Forum’s online platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Mailchimp, Anchor (CD Forum’s podcasting host) with assistance from the Social Media Coordinator.

    • Write and send press and media releases

  • Day-to-day Communications Duties

    • Work with Social Media Coordinator to develop and manage social media calendar and content creation

    • Make regular updates to Wix-based website

    • Write, build, and send emails including CD Forum’s monthly newsletter to CD Forum’s email list through Mailchimp

    • Attend staff meetings as needed, participate fully as a member of the CD Forum Team, and provide relevant updates on the status of various work assignments. 

  • Events and Programs 

    • Coordinate with Program Manager and Curator to collect artist info and share promotional tools with artists

    • Cultivate and manage press relations, aiming to secure interviews and features

    • Execute targeted print and digital advertising campaigns

    • Collaborate with graphic designer on creation of print and digital assets

    • Manage printing and distribution of print collateral (promotional posters and postcards, fundraising postcards, etc.)


Additional services include:

  • Updating and maintaining CD Forum’s Press Contact List

  • Assisting with communications efforts for fundraising campaigns (Calendar Year End, etc.) as needed



This position is a contracted hourly position at $20 - $22 per hour not to exceed $1,000 per month unless approved by the Executive Director. This position is directly tied to the seasonality of CD Forum’s performance and fundraising schedules. Hours will typically average 10-15 hours per week, depending on the time of year. It is possible that certain weeks will be higher than others. 


Desired Background

Experience working in arts and cultural organization is preferred but not required. It is of more importance to our organization that the new Marketing and Communications contractor be excited to support Black artists through marketing and communications strategy.


To apply:

Email resume and cover letter to with subject line, “Marketing and Communications Position”. 

Please apply before Monday, April 12, 2021. 

Position open until filled. 

Help us lift and empower more incredible Black artists 

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