Intimate Conversations

Curated & Hosted by Dani Tirrell


Intimate Conversations (formally Physical Distancing: Intimate Conversations) was created by Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas curator Dani Tirrell in collaboration with the CD Forum team. This Instagram Live “Talkshow” was created as a way to support artists during the coronavirus. It switched direction once the latest killings of Black bodies in the United States caused more social unrest around the world. Intimate Conversations is now a platform for Black artists, leaders, thinkers and makers to share their thoughts on world events, to talk about their extraordinary lives, and as a way for people to connect to Black artists, leaders, thinkers, and makers both in the Seattle community and nationally. Dani is often fascinated by the people in Dani’s personal life, the people Dani sees out in the world. Intimate Conversations Is a way for Dani to connect more deeply with the people that DaniI is inspired by and for the viewers to see themselves in the guest. 


Intimate Conversations should leave you curious, inspire you to ask more questions, and have you understand the beautiful tapestry that Blackness is.