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Mission, Vision & Values

Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas is a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to presenting emerging Black arts, artists, and ideas in the Seattle area. We believe in the value of community, creativity, identity and passion. These values serve as our strategic frame and guide day-to-day operations and program decisions. 

We work out of the historic Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, an ADA-compliant facility rich with culture and history. 

Our Mission

To provide a platform for provocative arts and ideas that foster awareness of and involvement in Black experiences.

Our Vision

We envision a world where cultural experiences are valued.

Our Values

Community – We believe in the value of cultural and geographic community. Community allows us to belong and serve those with whom we share beliefs, experiences, hopes and expectations. By focusing on community, we commit to collective efforts that lift and celebrate the diversity of the Black experience.

Creativity – We believe in the endless possibilities of creativity. Creativity is the core of artistic expression and the inspiration for diverse ideas and conversations. By focusing on creativity, we honor the role of artistic expression and disparate ideas that inspire conversations lead to social and cultural change.

Identity – We believe the in the richness and right of every person to self-define their identity. Identity is personal, dynamic and framed by a complex series of personal experiences. By focusing on identity, we create spaces, experiences and conversations that allow people and communities to see them in the arts and ideas we present.

Passion – We believe in the sustaining power of passion. Passion fuels our efforts and recognizes that doing what we love and is what drives us. By focusing on passion we acknowledge and respect the intensity and generosity of the work of artists, the interest of audiences, the intellect of thought leaders and the investments of supporters.

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