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 Mama'z Muezz

Created by Monique Franklin

Mama'z Muezz is a one woman play featuring spoken word artist Monique Franklin that explores the theme of African-American motherhood glimpsed from present day and historical vantage points of mother’s of African descent. This show is culled from a cross-section of realities, dreams and nightmares illuminating and intimately exploring artifacts of a collective condition. In examining the experiences of African-American mothers we will uncover what it means to be an individual beneath the hat of motherhood, learn what children teach their mothers (the truth), the rub of society against the fabric of their families (the struggles) and what nurtures and inspires their spirits (love, the living, and the ancestors).

Mama’z Muezz was first presented during CD Forum’s Creation Project in 2014, and was directed by Valerie Curtis Newton. The April 29, 2020 event will be followed by a May 9, 2020 live stream with new excerpts for the work; Both events are intended to generate audience feedback for Franklin in real time. Franklin will present a final version of Mama’z Muezz in CD Forum’s 2020/2021 season.


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