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Black Love looks like:

By: Dani Tirrell

This new season of Intimate Conversation I have asked each guest to share with me what Black Love looks like to them. I have purposely avoided that question. I think now is the time to share.

Black Love looks like:

My queer ass

Black ass

Trans spectrum experience


Peach cobbler

Big Mama talks

And Grand daddy handshakes

Dressing (not stuffing) on the holidays

Thick sisters in move something dresses

Brothers with lime green suits and matching gators

Family reunions with matching shirts

Seeing the young Queens voguing down to some nasty beats

The no shirt brothers playing ball and the sweat hitting all the right places

Playing hide and seek outside with the cousins

Spades/Bid Whist and Tunk

My granny takin’ sips of my granddad's TEA (V.O.)

Shakin’ my ass in the club with a bunch of beautful Black gay ass people

Black Trans women owning every ounce of their womanhood

The soloist at church sangin' you down to lay prostrate in front of the altar


Sin……...all of them!

Box braids, wraps, weaves and bobs……..and the colors…..oh the colors

Loud talking and even louder loving

The bass as cars roll down the street

The smell of the trees (those happy cigarettes) if you happen to indulge

Having your aunt and uncle clear the dance floor….to show you how it is done

Embracing your HIV positive friends for what will be the last time

Young kids dreaming about a future of fame and fortune

Kissing your man and not being afraid of what the world thinks (some gay shit)

Yes….all the gay shit!

Black love is laying your aunt and mom to rest, with the understanding that the gift they gave you was to keep loving, discovering and always seek healing.

Black love is your father supporting and loving your Black ass, queer ass, trans spectrum experience.

Black love is knowing your deaf grandmother is always with you… is knowing that you can not make it without her whispering in your ear how you are worthy.

Black love has no rhyme or reason….it is beyond anything that we could ever imagine. Black love is Goddess and she is divine and she is feminine and she is me.


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