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The Royal Youth KiKi Ball

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Calling all Kings, Queens, and Mystical Beings! CD Forum’s Youth Kingdom and The Royal House of Noir are proud to be hosting a Royal Youth Kiki Ball outside Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. Join us on June 5th at 5pm for a COVID-19 safe evening of royal grandeur. Mask up and come ready to show off your most magnificent attire for four categories!

Saturday, June 5, 2021


Graphic design by Chino Gonzales

Have we peaked your interest? See below for more details!!


Ball Categories

🦋Monarch Majesty (Best Dressed - OTA): Orange you glad we didn’t make it binary!! You are the ruler of your realm!! Show us your finest attire, be like the Monarch Butterfly and rule your flight on the runway!! Bring it in Orange with a butterfly effect!!

✨Jousting Jewels (Runway - Open To All [OTA] European & American): Show us your dominion’s Royal Jewels! Are you flaunting the treasury because it’s your right or because you acquired it in the night? Bring it drenched in your most show stopping gems; COME THRU DRIPPIN!!!!

🧜🏾Mermaid Mug (Virgin Face - OTA who has never gotten 10’s in this category): Only few on this earth get to witness the brilliant beauty that lurks in the unvoyaged dark of the sea. Are you an all Natural, wet, dew-y-eyed beauty, or are you using the entire pallet and serving colorful rainbow realness? Give us the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the 7 seas’ most prized possession, your face!! Don’t be a LochMESS, bring it with a magical mystical mermaid effect!!

🧚🏾Fae-way (Vogue w/ a prop - OTA): Not old way, not new way, but fae-way! ALL fay, fae, fey, fair folk, faeries or fairies this is your time to shine!! Whether it’s vogue fem, old way or new way, bring it the Fae-way and cast your best spells with a ribbon effect!!

Ready to Rip the Runway? Register here!


For Our Non-POC CD Forum Family

CD Forum's Youth Kingdom and The Royal House of Noir are creating this event for and in celebration of Black and other POC bodies in Ballroom culture. We welcome the love and support of all non-Black folx and respectfully ask that non-POC individuals show their support through financial contributions, volunteering their time, social media follows, and by viewing the event online through CD Forum's Instagram feed.


COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your health and safety is our biggest priority! We will be doing our best to keep you and all of our guests safe by following local, state, and federal safety precautions. The evening’s events will be held outside, and we ask that masks will be worn at all times and to follow social distancing of 6 feet apart. If you need to use the restroom or use our changing room, a lovely volunteer will kindly take your temperature at the door. Staff, volunteers, and those with changing room access will be wearing color-coded wristbands to help manage the flow of traffic. We also suggest that you get a COVID-19 test prior to the event. We hope to make this event safe for everyone to show up and have fun, and we appreciate the steps we are all taking to take care of our community.


Ticket Info

Tickets are FREE with event registration.

We'll just need your contact information and you're ready to have a ball!

*Ticket sales close on June 3rd. Get your tickets before then to make sure you ensure your spot!*


Know Before You Go

What to Expect

  • We ask all guest, participants, judge, and volunteers to keep their masks on throughout the event, unless otherwise directed.

  • 17th Ave. S will be closed for the Ball. Street parking is available around the building and adjacent side streets. Limited free parking in the parking lot located at the E Yesler Way & 17th Ave. S intersection.

  • In order to access the restrooms, staff will check temperatures for each person before allowing access.

  • Volunteers will be on hand to help ensure COVID safety protocols are being followed

Directions and Parking

  • For directions to the venue click here.

  • The Ball will take place in front of the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute located at 104 17th Ave. S, between E Yesler Way and S Washington Street

  • 17th Ave. S will be closed to all thru traffic

  • Free street parking is available on S Washington Street and other adjacent side streets

  • Limited spots will be available in the open parking lot directly across from the building at the intersection of E Yesler Way and 17th Ave. S. This parking is first come, first serve.

Questions? Contact CD Forum's Season Curator Dani Tirrell at


Ways to Support

  • Want to Volunteer at the event? Click here to sign up for a shift!

  • Want to keep our events accessible? Click here to donate!

  • Are you a white ally? Watch and share our event on social media!

  • Want to support The Royal House of Noir? Follow them on Instagram!


Thank You to Our Partners!

CD Forum's Youth Kingdom is excited to present this event in partnership with The Royal House of Noir with support from Town Hall Seattle. Graphic Designer: Chino Gonzales is an activist, educator, director, music producer and graphic designer from Seattle AKA Bonnet Black in the music world. Learn more at


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